Tuesday, August 19, 2014

cloth towel "wet bin"

Hubby & I have been using cloth "paper towels" lately and cloth napkins.  To avoid having to run to the laundry bin after each meal, we now have a wet bin under our kitchen sink.  I empty this out whenever I do laundry, or if it gets full.
I used a plastic coffee container, and Mod Podge to add a strip of fabric for a little more decorative look, and also to easily identify the bin.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wood floors! (living room)

Well summer is almost over for me, and it has been very busy!  Hubby & I did lots of home improvements and DIY projects that I can't wait to share with you all now that they're done, so stay tuned :)  (I'll hopefully be able to post a few updates before classes start)

Our largest project was installing hardwood floor in our house.  One of the rooms to get "made over" was our living room.  The carpet was so dirty/gross, it was well overdue for a change.


Changes made to living room:
Floor: carpet to hardwood
Ceiling fan: new unit, now with a light (major difference at night!)
Painted walls
Window valance
Throw pillows


Only thing I'd still like to change... would be to remove the spindles on our half wall on the left side of the room.  Possibly changing it to a larger platform and have a more modern pillar or something on one side?  Still looking into that, but it wouldn't be until next summer anyways (if at all).

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

finally back!

Last semester was crazy, but the summer is FINALLY here!!  I've been off of school for a couple weeks now, but finally made it home.  I went on a school related trip, chilling with these ladies:
then went to visit family with Hubby.
Good times, but I'm glad to be back! (except for all of the unpacking left to do :)  )
I have been trying to convince Hubby for almost 5 years now that the lighting fixtures in our house needed updating.  He completely disagreed, so it was one of those things I'd randomly bring up hoping he'd change his mind... but wasn't going to just change them without him being on board.  So, on our recent road trip, we ended up staying in a pretty run down hotel.  While eating breakfast at the hotel... what did we notice?  They had the same lights as we did at home in our kitchen, lol.  That is all it took for Hubby to finally realize it was time for a change :)
Yesterday we updated most of the lighting units in our house (though there are still some less important fixtures... like in the spare bedrooms, that I hope to change in the future.  More important things first though)
Now that there is actually light in our house, we can of course see how gross our carpets are (adopting an adult dog from a shelter who had much difficulty getting the concept of house breaking will quickly do that)  We have been toying with the idea of installing hardwood flooring at some point, and are now pricing things out.  We'll see if that project happens or not.  Maybe if the supplies go on sale!
We also went antiquing the other day and I may go back to pick up some more items.  They had beautiful, red handled old kitchen tools that I may get and mount on the wall above my kitchen cupboards as decoration.  We'll see about that too.
There was really old rick rack at the antique store too, that I almost got but put back.  It was reaaaallly skinny, unlike any I'd seen before.  Not sure what I'd use it for though, or if it'd be decoration.  Still thinking about that too :)
So many projects happening, but no sewing yet!  I'm excited to get back to sewing, but am not even sure what to work on first.  It has been far too long, and I have a feeling once I plug my sewing machine in I won't be able to leave it for days :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Almost summer...

This semester has been brutal, but it's almost over!  Only a few more weeks until I'm reunited with my sewing machine for the summer :) 

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